David Atlee Phillips and the Big Lie


 The John F. Kennedy Assassination:

David Atlee Phillips and the Big Lie

David Atlee Phillips

David Atlee Phillips in 1986


Who was David Atlee Phillips? [1]

  • Born Fort Worth, Texas: Halloween, 1922.
  • William and Mary College, 1941-42. Fails to show up for final exams after attending a weekend prom.[2]
  • Texas Christian University. 1943-45.
  • Travels to New York City to become an actor. “ After two dismal rounds of producer’s offices and survival on grainy cheese sandwiches from corner stores, I began to suspect that I was not destined to be great actor.” [3]
  • WW II United States Army Air Corps nose gunner. Eleven missions in a B-24 Bomber out of Italy. Shot down over Austria. German troops waiting as the crew hits the ground.[4]
    David Atlee Phillips was a nose gunner

    David Atlee Phillips was a nose gunner



  • Nose gunner: The guy that mans the machine gun turret in the front of the airplane. The nose gunner sometimes controlled navigation or dropped the bombs.

The planes were unheated and open to the outside air. The crew wore electrically heated suits and heavy gloves that provided some protection against temperatures that could dip to 60 degrees below zero. Once above 10,000 feet they donned oxygen masks as the planes continued to climb to their operational level that could be as high as 29,000 feet. Nearing the target, each crew member would don a 30-pound flak suit and a steel helmet designed to protect against antiaircraft fire. Parachutes were too bulky to be worn all the time, but crewmen did wear a harness that allowed them to quickly clip on their parachute when needed.   [5]

  • United States Army Air Corps Prisoner of war, 1944. Tall and ruggedly handsome, he became an actor in New York, but World War II intervened. He served as a nose gunner in the Army Air Forces, was shot down over Austria but made it back to Allied lines after escaping from a German prison camp.[6]
  • As a prisoner of war in Germany he became a member of an escape committee, serving until his own escape. [7] (seventeen days in the German forest) [8]
  • Phillips returns to acting and writing a comedic play about a German Prisoner of war camp. The play idea later becomes Stalag 17 without Phillips. [9]
  • Married Helen Hausman Haasch, an airline stewardess he met on a trip back to Fort Worth, 1948.
  • Phillips wants to write in Chile where he could “ski in the morning and swim in the Pacific in the afternoon.”[10]
  • Buys the debt ridden South Pacific Mail, printed in the shop of a daily newspaper in Valparaiso, Chile and then moved to Santiago, Chile.[11] Philips later surmises the CIA wanted a secure place to print material. [12]


Chile: 1950: The CIA approaches David Atlee Phillips. Phillips is trained in the U.S. for part time CIA work. And is still acting.

You have three of the four things most necessary in working in foreign intelligence. Cover, because you have a business to explain why you are in Chile, and what you are doing. Access, because the business gives you the excuse to move around, meet people, and ask questions. Language, which you have already learned.” [13]



Frank Wisner CIA

Tracy Barnes CIA

Tracy Barnes CIA








After his work on a special assignment in Guatemala, working with the team to overthrow the communist leaning Abenz, Phillips meets with President Eisenhower and his staff. On the recommendation of Tracy Barnes, Deputy Director of Plans, Frank Wisner hires Phillips at a G-14 level fulltime with the CIA. [14]


Guatemala: 1954

E. Howard Hunt


E. Howard Hunt

E. Howard Hunt

It was during the Guatemala operation that Phillips made some of the agency contacts and close associations which would endure throughout his career. Among them was E. Howard Hunt. [15]

-House Assassinations Committee investigator Gaeton Fonzi

From Researcher Larry Hancock:

In Guatemala, Phillips’s radio propaganda proved to be one of the major enablers of the CIA’s success in forcing out and replacing the elected president of a country. He created the ‘big lie’ of an opposition outside the country. He used 180 degree spin (stating an untruth as officially denied) in a fashion to make the listener assume a denial meant the event was true.   [16]

Did you know?

  • That David Phillips’s propaganda machine in Guatemala and the ensuing success made him a CIA legend?
  • That David Phillips met vehement anti-Castro Antonio Veciana and begin a multi-year covert relationship.
  • Phillips used a false identity and disguise?
  • Phillips becomes well connected: His contacts now included conservatives Paul Bethal (CIA propagandist), Claire Booth Luce (LIFE and TIME),and Gordon McClendon (radio and movie chains)..[17]

Assigned deep cover and moves family to Havana. (1955) Phillips begins a lecture tour, leading him to Costa Rica and Latin American contacts.[18] He sees firsthand the buses of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba. Reassigned to Beirut, Lebanon. (1957)[19] After the civil war in Lebanon worsens, Philips establishes Phillips and Associates in Havana. Castro’s rise to power thwarts Phillips and Associates. (1959) Moves family out of Cuba via a ferry to Key West.


Cuba: Late 1950’s

Phillips is deeply involved in penetrating and maneuvering the anti-Castro exile groups as well as signing up new members. Uses Lem Jones public relations firm for press releases and uses the pen and planning of E. Howard Hunt. He coordinates safe houses in Miami, psychological information from Cuba and other countries, promotes Voice of Cuba to localize a fake location within Cuba. [20] oward Hunt.



From The Last Investigation by Gaeton Fonzi:

In a frayed and yellowing copy of the 1960 edition of the Anglo-American Directory of Cuba, there is a listing on page 92: PHILLIPS, David Atlee (Amer):… Public relations counselor David A. Philips Associates…” In that prose Phillips was a deep-cover operative in Havana, hobnobbing with the media executives and newspaper reporters, lunching the local businessmen and, ostensibly pitching stories or clients. [21]


Alpha 66:

Alpha 66 Flag

Alpha 66 Flag




Alpha 66 training

Alpha 66 training









Maurice Bishop was the man who has SUGGESTED the forming of Alpha 66 and guided its overall strategies.[22]




Antonio Veciana

Antonio Veciana









Antonio Veciana was Alpha’s 66 chief executive officer spokesman, and fund raiser.[23]

House Assassinations Committee investigator Gaeton Fonzi:

Veciana was not in Miami very long before Maurice Bishop was back in touch… Soon they were meeting regularly and planning anti-Castro strategies. The result was the founding of Alpha 66, which according to Veciana, was Bishop’s brainchild.[24]

 Did you know?


  • David Atlee Phillips, Antonio Veciana, Lee Oswald and David Ferrie were seen on film by the deputy legal counsel of the HSCA at a training camp north of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana?
  • David Atlee Phillips was in charge of the CIA disinformation campaign against the Fair Play For Cuba Committee (Oswald’s one man committee) through the CIA’s George Joannides.

                       Cuba Map       bay of pigs

 Plans begin within the CIA and the Eisenhower Administration to overthrow Castro, which became the Trinidad Plan. [25] Phillips plays an essential role in writing and distributing propaganda pamphlets (with E. Howard Hunt)[26] to be dropped on Cuba.[27] Eleven million pamphlets were not dropped. He blames the disaster on switching the landing point to the Bay of Pigs and the cancelation of air strikes. [28]


From Researcher Jim DiEugenio:


Watergate “ Burglar” James McCord and David Atlee Phillips.

Interestingly, John Newman later revealed in Oswald and the CIA that the CIA had an anti-FPCC program ongoing at the time. It was run by Phillips and Hunt’s friend, James McCord.[29]



The Fair Play For Cuba Committee: 1961-1963

David Atlee Phillips in charge of counterintelligence and propaganda efforts against the FPCC around the country.[30]

Lee Oswald in New Orleans

Lee Oswald in New Orleans

maurice bishop







In 1963, Lee Oswald singlehandedly operated FPCC efforts in Dallas and New Orleans, resulting in a street fight with Cuban exiles.


From Researcher Jim DiEugenio:

It may be relevant to note here that a CIA contact sheet with Butler contains the comment that he was “a very cooperative contact and has always welcomed an opportunity to assist the CIA.” Even more revealing as to the true nature of these events, Oswald wrote a letter about the confrontation five days before it happened. [31]

Did you know?

  • – FBI informant Orvie Aucoin , a camera man at WSDU TV, filmed Oswald handing out Fair Play for Cuba pamphlets on August 12, 16 and 21st 1963?[32]
  • – Within hours of President Kennedy being shot the 16 mm of “ the communist” was piped around the world.[33]
  • –  Ed Butler was more than happy to get Oswald on the air: WDSU, Latin Listening post-August 17, 1963.
  • – Oswald was interviewed by Bill Stucky, FBI informant and CIA contact,









House Assassination Committee sketch of Maurice Bishop AKA David Phillips


Who was Maurice Bishop?


From Researcher Dick Russell:

There was “ a natural affinity between American journalists and American intelligence officers abroad.” [34]

Tony Summers did locate Veciana’s former bank secretary and confirmed the existence of “Maurice Bishop,” and interviewed Virginia Prewett of NANA, who acknowledged knowing both Veciana and “Bishop.”[35]


Did you know? [36]

“ That’s amazing! He certainly does look like David.” …- Phillips’s brother.

“ That’s David.”… Phillips’s office secretary.

    “ that’s Uncle David! That is Uncle David!”… Phillip’s niece Beth.

  Phillips used the cover name “ Bishop” while Howard Hunt used the name “ Knight.”… Ron Cross JM/WAVE staff.


From Investigator Gaeton Fonzi:

There was a huge amount of circumstantial evidence which I felt proved beyond a reasonable doubt that David Atlee Phillips was Maurice Bishop. [37]

Veciana was under orders from Maurice Bishop to attack Soviet ships in March, 1963. Bishop wanted to cause trouble between Kennedy and Russia. [38]


From author Anthony Summers:

About the CIA-a shadowy presence that deliberately sought to sabotage the President’s search for a modu vivendi with the Soviet Union.

Bishop to Veciana: “ the best thing for this country was that Kennedy and his advisors should not be running it.” [39]


Rendezvous in Dallas: September 1963


 southland 1963

Veciana said he met Oswald with Maurice Bishop in Dallas sometime near the beginning of September, 1963 at the Southland Center in downtown Dallas. [40]


From Researcher Larry Hancock:

Bishop was seen in Dallas, Texas with Lee Oswald immediately prior to Oswald’s trip to Mexico City-a trip which he made contact with the Cuban and Russian embassies’ in an attempt to travel through Cuba to Russia. Veciana related to Lamar Waldron that reason for his meeting was to discuss the elimination of Fidel Castro and that Oswald was there with the same goal. [41]


             1963                 by        Robert P. Fitton

Robert P. Fitton






From 1963 by Robert P. Fitton:

Then Patch lowered the camera. “ I know that man.”

“ What?”

“ He’s David Phillips. He’s an intelligence operative.”

“ How do you know him?”

Patch held his temple and squinted. “ I don’t know. From my past.”

Something inside his brain blocked his recollection. As he fought to remember, the middle aged man lit a cigarette and continued his conversation with Veciana as Oswald merely stood by. Then Oswald left through the front entrance.

“ Oswald had nothing to say. Isn’t that a bit odd?”

“ Maybe he already talked to Phillips. Patch banged his hand on the table.     “ I know Phillips but I can’t remember!”

“ It’s okay, Patch. The fact that you remembered anything is progress. It means things can be recalled.”

Patch snapped several more pictures and then placed the camera on the table.         “ They’re gone.”

“ Where did you meet Phillips?”

Patch pressed his lips and shook his head. “ I know Phillips is important. I know he is. I have met Phillips. I’ve met him several times.”

“ If he is so important, Patch, what is little ole Lee Oswald doing with him?” [42]


 From Researcher Joan Mellen:


When it came to manipulating the press, David Atlee Phillips was second to none. In October of 1962, as Kennedy was negotiating with Khrushchev over missiles the Soviet Union had placed in Cuba, Philips timed raids into Cuba by the terrorist group Alpha 66. At a Washington press conference, Phillips asset Antonio Veciana announced that Alpha 66 had just attacked a Russian ship in a Cuban harbor, and had engaged in a firefight with Russian troops. It was Eisenhower and the U-2 all over again. Kennedy fought back, and the CIA failed once more in its ongoing effort to provoke a ground war in Cuba.[43]


The DRE, David Atlee Philips, George, Joannides and the CIA:







Philips like a mosquito irritated the White House’s Cuban policy. He did this through the CIA funded Directorio Revolutionario Estudiantil or DRE. Phillips arranged for the cash to flow.[44] The leaders impressed both Phillips and Hunt.

From Researcher Jefferson Morley:

Among his primary responsibilities were guiding, monitoring and financing the Revolutionary Cuban Student Directorate or DRE, one of the largest and most effective anti-Castro groups in the United States. CIA records show, and the group’s former leaders confirm, that Joannides provided them with up $18-25,000 per month while insisting they submit to CIA discipline. Joannides, in his job evaluation of 31 July 1963, was credited with having established control over the group. Five day later, Lee Harvey Oswald wandered into the DRE’s New Orleans delegation, setting off a string of encounters between the pro-Castro ex-Marine and the anti-Castro exiles. Members of the DRE confronted Oswald on a street corner. They stared him down in a courtroom. They sent a DRE member to Oswald’s house posing a Castro supporter. They challenged him to a debate on the radio. They made a tape of the debate which was later sent to Joannides. And they issued a press release calling for a congressional investigation of the thoroughly obscure Oswald. This, at a time, when the DRE had been warned to clear its public statements with the Agency.[45]


AMSPELL: CIA program for DRE out of Miami, Florida.


From Our Man in Mexico, Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA: by Jefferson Morley

 There was a seventeen month gap in the AMSPELL records, which coincided exactly with the period which George Joannides handled the group of behalf of Philips and Helms. As a result it is hard to draw any firm conclusions about the contacts between the DRE and Oswald, other than the CIA has never explained them. Deep sixing the AMSPELL file was the kind of work for which Joannides won a Career Intelligence Medal. Joannides was never questioned by investigators about his knowledge of Oswald. When he died in 1990, he took what he knew about Oswald and the DRE to a grave in suburban Washington. His obituary in the Washington Post described him as a “ Defense Department lawyer.” A good spy he stuck to his cover story as he passed into the next world.

MEXICO CITY: 1961-Fall of 1963

mex 1







Richard Bissell and Win Scott




win scott






Richard Bissell talks to Phillips about the number three position in Mexico City. Winston Scott the COC in Mexico asks Phillips to join him in Mexico City, one of the most important CIA stations in the world, a place where operatives are accessed from around the world.

dap3Phillips said: “ Most of my work involved support to the CIA projects in third countries and was relatively routine allowing me some leisure time to observe other CIA officers working against the “ Hard Targets,”-the Soviets, Cubans, Czechs, and other communist countries-and the “ soft targets,” the Mexicans and Latin American Communist parties…Much of my time was spent on anti-Castro propaganda operations. This called for many hours of coordination with the station officer whose jobs was to know what was going on in and around the Cuban Embassy.” [46]

mex 2







From Investigator Gaeton Fonzi:

From 1961 through the fall of 1963, Phillips was Chief of Covert Action in Mexico City. It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of Mexico City I the “ Spy vs Spy” games going on at the time. It was the only place in the Western Hemisphere where every Communist country and every democratic country had an embassy, and it was a hotbed of intrigue. The Americans alone and fully staffed stations for the FBI, Army Intelligence and the CIA. [47]


Implications and The End Game: Precipitating an invasion of Cuba and removal of Castro.


Mid 1963:

A CIA official came into a safe house in Miami and to a group of Cuban exiles, ‘You must eliminate Kennedy.’ There were two objectives to the ploy-to kill Kennedy and blame Cuba for the crime.”


ozzieWhere’s Oswald?

While Oswald was supposedly going to Mexico he is with two exiles at Silvia Odio’s apartment. He is called Leon Oswald and “kind of loco.”…. Saying President Kennedy should have been killed after the Bay of Pigs.


ozzieWhere’s Oswald?

Fake Oswald on the bus to Mexico City [48]

  • Oswald’s name not on any departing city to Laredo, Texas on September 26th 1963.
  • No name of Oswald entering Nuevo Laredo Mexico from Laredo, Texas.
  • The bus roster was signed by the passengers: NO OSWALD.
  • The manifest in confiscated by two men after Kennedy was killed.
  • No name of Oswald on the Mexican tourist forms list.
  • Somebody showed Oswald’s passport and photo to two traveling Austrian women.
  • The Fake Oswald then details how he lived in Russia, how he was secretary for the FPCC, how he was in Japan with the Marines.
  • The Fake Oswald described by the man who sat next to him as ” Spanish appearing.”
  • ozzieWhere’s Oswald?

The Oswald Bus Trip: [49]

  • November 24, 1963: The original and duplicate tourist visa forms FM-8-TAKEN BY THE MEXICAN POLICE. The list was altered by Lt. Arturo Bosch in front of the bus manager.
  • December 2, 1963: A list of all person departing the Nuevo Laredo ON October 1, 1963 at the Mexican border- DID NOT SHOW OSWALD’S NAME OR HIS ALIAS.
  • J. Lee Rankin to J Edgar Hoover: Neither the list if persons entering Mexico on September 26th (FM-11) nor the list of persons departing Mexico on October 3rd shows Oswald’s name.
  • The bus driver from San Antonio to Dallas was shown Oswald’s photo and could not identify him.
  • Oswald’s name is not on Mexican customs records for entering the U.S.


E. Howard Hunt “Acting” Mexico City Station Chief-September 1963

A secret CIA memorandum says that E. Howard Hunt was in Dallas the day President John F. Kennedy was murdered and that top agency officials plotted to cover up Hunt’s presence there.

Some CIA sources speculate that Hunt thought he was assigned by higher-ups to arrange the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Sources say Hunt, convicted in the Watergate conspiracy in 1974, was acting chief of the CIA station in Mexico City in the weeks prior to the Kennedy assassination. Oswald was in Mexico City, and met with two Soviet KGB agents at the Russian Embassy there immediately before leaving for Dallas, according to the official Warren Commission report.[50]


LIERODE: CIA name to the Cuban compound under constant photographic surveillance supervised by the Chief of Cuban Operations, David Atlee Phillips.[51]


GEE WHIZZ: David Phillips testified to the House Select Committee on Assassinations:

dap3  “ The camera was pulled out either because of malfunction or something. It was not there on the day that the intercept indicated Oswald was at the Cuban Embassy, and consequently there was no picture of Lee Harvey Oswald that we ever saw in Mexico.”[52]


ozzieWhere’s Oswald?


win scott CIA Station Chief Winston Scott says the camera was operating every day Oswald was there.[53] “ Oswald was observed on all his visits to each of the communist embassies.”[54]



One Edition of the Fake Oswald

fake 1 fake 2 fake 3






Man identified as Lee Oswald by the CIA, taken by pulse cameras.


From Researcher John Newman:

It is fitting that one of the agency’s legendary disinformation artists, David Atlee Phillips, should have been in charge of the CIA’s CI and propaganda effort against the FPCC. Phillips would reappear in Mexico City at the time Oswald visited there, taking over the anti-Castro operation of the CIA station during the very days that the CIA headquarters and the CIA Mexico City station exchanged cables on Oswald’s visit to the Mexican capital.[55]

Another Edition of the Fake Oswald





Did you know?

  • A fake Oswald was recorded on CIA Station audio tapes?
  • A fake Oswald was photographed existing the Cuban Consulate?
  • A fake Oswald put on a dramatic performance at the Cuban Consulate?
  • A fake Oswald continues the show at the Russian Consulate?
  • A fake Oswald, similar to the man described at the Cuban Consulate, was identifying himself as Lee Harvey Oswald on the bus from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to Mexico City?
  • The Mexican border manifest was changed and name added
  • The FBI confiscated the bus manifests from Nuevo Laredo


ozzie Where’s Oswald?

The Cuban Consulate:


Sylvia Duran was an English speaking Mexican citizen who worked as a secretary to Consul Eusebio Azcue in the Cuban Consulate.

How did the Fake Oswald Handle himself?

Cuban Consulate First Visit: September 27, 1963-11:00 am

  • Told Duran he wanted a transit visa to Cuba.
  • Shows an FPCC card to prove he is a communist.
  • He wants to travel to the Soviet Union after going to Cuba.

Cuban Consulate Second Visit: September 27, 1963-1:00 pm

  • Duran tells the Fake Oswald he needs a visa to travel to the Soviet Union.
  • Oswald leaves for the Soviet Consulate.

ozzie Where’s Oswald?



Valeriy Kostikov



An unidentified man arrives at the Soviet Consulate. Winston Scott the CIA Station Chief said person watching these embassies took photographs of Oswald entering and leaving as well as clocking the time. No photographs exist (NOT ONE) of Lee Oswald entering the Soviet Consulate. The Fake Oswald says he lived in the Soviet Union and married a Soviet woman. No reports were ever sent to Moscow about this incident.[56] It was claimed that Oswald met with Valeriy Kostikov of Department 13: Assassinations.



Cuban Consulate Third Visit: September 27, 1963-4:05 pm

  • The Fake Oswald says he will be getting a Soviet Visa.
  • Duran calls the Soviet consulate and determines this man is lying. It would take 3-4 months to obtain such a visa.
  • The Fake Oswald tells Duran it was urgent he go to Russia.
  • The Fake Oswald says he is entitled because of his support of the Cuban revolution.
  • The Fake Oswald goes into a tirade, yelling with Azcue. He calls them a “bunch of   bureaucrats.”
  • The Fake Oswald leaves and is again photographed by the pulse cameras. Where is this photo of Lee Harvey Oswald?


And next: the phony telephone calls.

Note: No recording of Oswald’s Phone calls has ever been provided by the CIA




From Spartacus:

After the war Goodpasture was recruited by the CIA. Eventually she went to work for James Angleton, chief of Counter-Intelligence Staff. According to Angleton, Goodpasture was “very close” to William K. Harvey. In his book, Our Man in Mexico, the journalist Jefferson Morley, claims that Goodpasture “looked like a librarian but had the skills of a burglar.”

ann goodpasture





Ann Goodpasture sent transcripts to David Atlee Phillips. CIA headquarters never received these transcripts of the Fake Oswald in broken Spanish and English. And then more transcripts of conversations on September 28th of a man speaking poor Russian. (Oswald was fluent in Russian)


The CIA and the Mexican Police:

The DFS had CIA guidance. Since the late 1940s, all of the DFS chiefs were CIA assets. [58]


dap3David Atlee Phillips Strikes again after Kennedy is killed in Dallas: [57]

  • Phillips persuades Gilberto Alvarado, A Nicaraguan, to say he saw Oswald receive money inside the Cuban Consulate to kill President Kennedy. The fabrication also included an accusation of an Oswald-Duran relationship.
  • Phillips calls the Mexican Security Police and orders them to make Duran confess to an affair with Oswald. Federal Security police then arrest Duran and he husband. They begin pummeling Duran with questions about a sexual affair with Oswald. Note: Phillips is only who knew about this because he made it up!
  • David Phillips prepared a list of questions for Duran’s second interrogation, including: “ her last chance for survival is to come clean with the whole story and to cooperate completely.”
  • The CIA threatened Silvia Duran’s life.

The Torture of Silvia Duran:






Silvia Duran of the Cuban embassy- said that the man who entered the embassy was blonde and short.”[59] She said in 1978 to HSCA investigator Edwin Lopez: “ She had been tortured and tortured badly.”[60]

ozzie Where’s Oswald?

blonde-2 blonde-1The Cubans photograph the real man inside the Cuban Consulate. Castro hands HSCA members the actual photograph from 1963. This man was not Lee Oswald.




From the people who saw “ Oswald “ in the Cuban Consulate:

azcueEusebio Ascue: “ Neither of these photos looked anything like them nawaccused of assassinating Pesident Kennedy, not curiously, did they look like Lee Oswald.




Silvia Duran: ”… blonde, short, dressed unelegantly and whose face turned red when angry.”


In 1978 HSCA investigator Edwin Lopez interviews CIA assets from the Cuban Consulate:





The Sanitized Phone Transcipts: Yet, another edition of the fake Oswald.

ann goodpastureWhat happened to the original taped conversations of the man claiming to be Oswald?

Ann Goodpasture CIA: “ I do not know.”


Robert Blakey, Chief Counsel for the House Select Committee on Assassinations:

Anna Taraoff transcribed (1963) the phone conversation in broken English and Spanish of a man claiming to be Lee Oswald. But is was not the same transcript from 1963. David Phillips and Ann Goodpasture had changed the document.

Note: Originally Boris Taraoff heard the Fake Oswald ask for financial assistance. Yet, this fact was not in the sanitized transcripts. Phillips, in the Washington Post, knew about the financial aid request. How? Unless he heard the original tapes Winston Scott kept the recording in his private safe at home. When Scott died untimely in 1971, Counter Intelligence Chief James Angleton broke into the safe and absconded with the tape.[61]


From researcher John Armstrong:

In 1978 the HSCA showed Anna Taraoff the CIA TRANSCRIPTS of phone conversations allegdly made by Oswald to the Soviet Consulate on Staurday, September 28 (1:51am) & Tuesday October 1 (10:30 am   10:45 am). According to notations on these manuscripts they were made by a man who spoke broken Russian…[62]

(Oswald spoke fluent Russian)


Phillips/Goodpasture Transcript of 28 Sep 1963 Oswald call.

Phillips/Goodpasture Transcript of 1 Oct 1963 Oswald call.


Actions Speak Louder than Words:

  • David Philips walked out of a congressional hearing while giving testimony. He was asked under oath about the Oswald tapes in Mexico City. Phillips claimed they were destroyed, at which time a memo from J. Edgar Hoover was given to Phillips. The tapes were clearly in existence on November 22-23 1963. Phillips read Hoover’s memo, folded it into his pocket and left the congressional hearing. [63]


LBJ and Hoover Phone call November 23, 1963:

J.E.H.: “No, that’s one angle that’s very confusing, for this reason—we have up here the tape and the photograph of the man who was at the Soviet embassy, using Oswald’s name. That picture and the tape do not correspond to this man’s voice, nor to his appearance. In other words, it appears that there is a second person who was at the Soviet embassy down there.”


Connecting the Dots:







David Philips was an actor, a writer of plays, and newspaper editor and promoter.

David Atlee Phillips goes to Washington: October 2, 1963 after the staged Mexico City incident.

David Atlee Phillips formed, funded and controlled Alpha 66 and attack on Cuba.

David Atlee Phillips controlled the penetration of DRE and the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

David Atlee Phillips handled Lee Oswald in New Orleans.

David Atlee Phillips met with Lee Oswald in Dallas, September 1963.

David Atlee Philips with E. Howard Hunt less than two weeks later produced and directed a fictitious scenario Mexico. They made it seemed as if Lee Oswald wanted to kill JFK, then travel to Cuba with the Soviet Union as the final destination. The phony Oswald is on audio tape and another phony Oswald is depicted in black and white photos.

David Atlee Phillips lied to congress about the existence of the audio tapes.

David Atlee Phillips lied to congress, saying cameras were down when the Fake Oswald entered the Cuban Consulate.

David Atlee Phillips lied to congress, saying that Cuban telephone lines were not tapped until 1964.


From Researcher John Armstrong: “ Show me one picture of the real Lee Oswald in Mexico City. Just one.[64]





An email sent by Shawn Phillips (nephew of David Atlee Philips) to Gary Buell in January, 2003. The “Confession”, you refer to was not in so many words as such. I cannot remember the time frames involved, but this was what was told to me by my father, James Atlee Phillips, who is deceased. He said that David had called him with reference to his (Davids), invitation to a dinner, by a man who was purportedly writing a book on the CIA. At this dinner, was also present a man who was identified only as the “Driver”. David told Jim that he knew the man was there to identify him as Raul Salcedo, whose name you should be familiar with, if your research is accurate in this matter. David then told Jim that he had written a letter to the various media, as a “Preemptive Strike” , against any and all allegations about his involvement in the JFK assassination. Jim knew that David was the head of the “Retired Intelligence Officers of the CIA”, or some such organization, and that he was extremely critical of JFK, and his policies. Jim knew at that point, that David was in some way, seriously involved in this matter and he and David argued rather vehemently, resulting in a silent hiatus between them that lasted almost six years according to Jim. Finally, as David was dying of irreversible lung cancer, he called Jim and there was apparently no reconciliation between them, as Jim asked David pointedly, “Were you in Dallas on that day”? David said, “Yes”, and Jim hung the phone up. [65]


A search of the online JFK database of the National Archives shows that the CIA retains four files containing 606 pages of material on Phillips.[66]


50 Reasons for 50 Years: Mexico City


Raw Sources:

The Lopez Report of the House Select Committee on Assassinations

References to FBI Review of Tapes of Oswald’s Oct. 1, 1963 Mexico City Conversation, written by Church Committee staffers, who expressed disbelief in the story that the Oswald tapes had been erased pre-assassination.

HSCA Interview with Boris and Anna Tarasoff, 28 Nov 1976, the CIA translators of the “Oswald” tapes. See also David Phillip’s testimony the day earlier, and the later 12 Apr 1978 testimony of Boris Tarasoff and Anna Tarasoff.

Replies to Questions and Comments During Session with Mr. Richard A. Sprague, Chief Counsel, HSCA, 1 Dec 1976. The HSCA’s original chief counsel was asking hard questions about Mexico City before his ouster in March of 1977.


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About jfk1963

Robert P. Fitton grew up in small town America with an appreciation of American history and culture. Summers were spent in North Easton, Massachusetts, often competing in baseball and other sports. With television’s increasing influence, Fitton reveled in programs such as Star Trek and The Twilight Zone. On cold winter nights he pointed his telescope skyward and dreamed of traveling to the stars or back through time. He graduated with honors from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, concentrating in American History and political science. After graduation he broadened his interests with numerous literature courses, including the study of science fiction and mystery writing. He has produced an assortment of science fiction and time travel stories as well as several mystery series. Fitton continues writing as the sun rises over Cape Cod.
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